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Hotel Best Western Titian Inn Venice Airport Venezia

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Recensioni Consigliato da 21 clienti su 23

Giudizio complessivo

  • Caratteristiche dell'hotel 4
    • Aspetto e cura della struttura 4
    • Pulizia delle camere 4.3
    • Comfort delle camere 3.6
    • Prossimità dell'hotel al centro e/o facilità di raggiungimento 4
  • Caratteristiche del servizio offerto 4.2
    • Accoglienza ricevuta 4.3
    • Professionalità del personale 4.5
    • Livello di soddisfazione generale dei servizi offerti 4.2
    • Qualità della colazione 3.9
  • Fedeltà tra la presentazione nel web e la realtà 2.9
    • Fotografie della struttura 3
    • Fotografie delle camere 3
    • Attrezzature e servizi disponibili 3
    • Distanza dal centro della città e dalle attrattive turistiche principali 2.7

Giudizi per tipologia di viaggiatore

  • Viaggiatore singolo (1) 4.9
  • Coppia (12) 4.2
  • Coppia con figli (6) 4
  • Viaggiatore business (4) 3.5
  • Gruppo (0) -
  • Legenda
  • 1pt: insufficiente
  • 2pt: sufficiente
  • 3pt: discreto
  • 4pt: buono
  • 5pt: ottimo

Giudizi individuali con commenti

  • 14 Febbraio 2016
    3.9 / 5 Buono

    Better detail of shuttle bus facility, or alternative so get from airport to hotel at night

    Anonimo (Gran Bretagna)Viaggiatore business
  • 13 Luglio 2014
    4.3 / 5 Buono

    James Beach (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 16 Ottobre 2013
    5 / 5 Ottimo

    A really good place to stay if you need to make an early morning flight from Venice. The hotel is set up for this market and meets all the requirements of the traveler. This is the second time we have stayed and it has been improved since the last time (even though it was good then). The restaurant up the road is also very good.

    Jill (Australia)Coppia
  • 22 Novembre 2012
    3.9 / 5 Buono

    I rated the room comfort average because our room was very warm and we had to have the window open to cool it. The front desk said it was due to the bathroom heated towel rack which we turned off. The toilet had a flushing problem: water would not stop until you flushed it again. Other than that, the room was very comfortable for our short stay. We spent one night to take an early morning (5am) shuttle to the airport. The staff was excellent in providing the services we required. They stored our luggage for two days while we stayed in Venice. They arranged for our airport shuttle and woke us up in time to have a light breakfast. You could stay there and visit Venice via the bus but it is not the same as staying in Venice. The staff told us the bus stop was near but we didn't know exactly where it was until we went past the hotel and had to walk back, approximately 200 meters. It would have been helpful to know where the bus stop(s) are.

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 23 Marzo 2011
    4.6 / 5 Ottimo

    I thought the front desk worker at check-in was really responsive and helpful! My compliments to her!

    SCOT (from Hawaii) (Stati Uniti)Coppia con figli
  • 4 Gennaio 2011
    3.9 / 5 Buono

    Generally, we had a very pleasant stay at the hotel. I wish that the internet was free, and Italian breakfast offered early in the morning.

    Anonimo (Canada)Coppia con figli
  • 24 Novembre 2010
    4 / 5 Buono

    Metz Johannes (Olanda)Viaggiatore business
  • 21 Ottobre 2010
    4.9 / 5 Ottimo

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Viaggiatore singolo
  • 19 Ottobre 2010
    4.8 / 5 Ottimo

    L'aria calda non funzionava ed abbiamo avuto freddo. Non son riusciti a soluzionarlo prima della nostra partenza.
    Internet dovrebbe essere gratuito o quasi per un hotel di questa categoria. Costava tantissimo di piu in confronto a quanto ho pagato quella stessa settimana a Parigi. Parigi: 2 euro il giorno. Titian Inn: 2 euro mezz'ora

    Anonimo (Paraguay)Coppia
  • 19 Ottobre 2010
    2 / 5 Sufficiente

    Mancanza dell'acqua calda!

    Georges Cywie (Italia)Viaggiatore business
  • 14 Ottobre 2010
    3.4 / 5 Discreto

    I think it is misleading the guest that you have a shuttle to the airport and upon arrival explain to them there is a 10 Euro charge to travel 900 meters to the departure gate. If this is a customer convenience and used to attract guests there should be no "extra" charge for this service. And it is not clearly stated in any of the advertising. Instead of a polite response to my inquiry in this regard I got a nasty reply from the woman at the front desk "dont tell me what is on our website, I work here". As if employment equated a higher ability to read. Wont be back again

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia con figli
  • 3 Ottobre 2010
    4 / 5 Buono

    I think that you exagerate the closeness to the airport. I would never consider walking to the airport.

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 1 Luglio 2010
    3.8 / 5 Buono

    This hotel was perfect for us because it was close to the airport and we had an early flight the next day. The hotel staff was very friendly and gave us information about the area and what bus route to take to get in and out of Venice city center.

    Kimberly Thompson (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 1 Maggio 2010
    4.2 / 5 Buono

    Very close to the airport. Especially nice for early departures.

    Jeroen Kruizenga (Olanda)Viaggiatore business
  • 9 Novembre 2009
    4.7 / 5 Ottimo

    Jane (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 10 Ottobre 2009
    2.8 / 5 Discreto

    TV message said it was locked and needed a password to enable. Never ran into this in my life. There were no instructions in room for TV or telephone. There were no facecloths in the bathroom. There was no shampoo. Sone lights did not work. There were no extra pillows. Room on street side of hotel so noisy it was difficult to sleep.

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 8 Settembre 2009
    4.8 / 5 Ottimo

    This was our second stay at this hotel and yet again the service and all staff were 5 star + , nothing was too much bother , every aspect of the stay was perfect , I would recomend this hotel to everybody , we will definatly be visiting again soon

    Richard larkin (Gran Bretagna)Coppia con figli
  • 3 Agosto 2009
    3.3 / 5 Discreto

    Very good value for money, moore then expected in all categories.
    Big + for the airport-hotel-bus-service.

    Frank Mikael Staal (Norvegia)Coppia con figli
  • 17 Giugno 2008
    4 / 5 Buono

    An excellent choice for an airport hotel in Venice, Italy to facillitate morning flights. Very close to airport with good hotel shuttle service. Only weakness is very small size of room (though bathroom is sufficent size).

    Murray Levin (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 17 Giugno 2008
    4.2 / 5 Buono

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia con figli
  • 25 Maggio 2008
    4.5 / 5 Ottimo

    Excellent properety close to Venice airport (5 minutes by cab). Hotel charges 5 euros for transportation in the morning. Internet charge at hotel is 1 Euro for 30 minutes.
    GREAT cold breakfast. Best I have had in some time. SKY TV but could find only 2 channels in English (CNN and Sports). Hotel is air conditioned but you need to ask the front desk to "flip a switch" to allow A/C to work. There is a Pizza place down the street with good food. This hotel is not close to a civic center so there is not really anything to do at night. Rack rate as of this review was 130 Euros. Suggest one books with someone like Hotel Club where you will pay up to 1/3rd less.
    Would definately stay here again if a pre or post airport stay is required.

    Larry herpel (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 6 Maggio 2008
    4.5 / 5 Ottimo

    I was pleasantly surprised that the hotel serves breakfast starting at 4:30 AM. We took the 4:45 AM shuttle to the airport, the first shuttle they offer, and that was fine because the security checkpoint at the airport doesn't open until 5 AM anyway. I was in plenty of time for my 6:25 AM flight.

    Anonimo (Stati Uniti)Coppia
  • 7 Novembre 2007
    4.4 / 5 Buono

    D & L (Stati Uniti)Coppia

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